ESTD: 1886

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The city is divided into two divisions, four zones and 34 administrative wards. The Town Planning Divisions, Works Divisions, Enforcement (Khailwarzi) Division are divided into two viz; city on right side of river and left side of the river as Right and Left Divisions. Then there are four administrative zones: North, South, East and West. The city is further divided into 34 administrative wards, each ward headed by a Ward Officer and assisted by Building Inspector, Sanitary Inspector, Junior Tax Inspectors and subordinates thereunder including Safaiwallas.

Ward No Ward NameOfficer InchargeOfficer Name
Ward 1NishatWard OfficerAbdul Ahad Rather
Ward 2LalChowk&DalgateWard OfficerNazir Ahmad Baba
Ward 3DalWard OfficerNazir Ahmad Baba
Ward 4RainwariWard OfficerRafiq Ahmad Nalband
Ward 5KhayamWard OfficerFayaz Ahmad Khan
Ward 6ZainaKadal&FatehKadalWard OfficerSyed Ajaz Hussain
Ward 7KhanyarWard OfficerSyed Ajaz Hussain
Ward 8Makhdoom SahibWard OfficerGhulam Mohi-ud-din Dar
Ward 9HawalWard OfficerGhulam Muhammad Dar
Ward 10ZadibalWard OfficerBilal Ahmad Baba
Ward 11Lal BazarWard OfficerSheikh Muhammad Rafiq
Ward 12HazratbalWard OfficerLalit Wali
Ward 13BataporaWard OfficerFarooq Ahmad Mir (SBI)
Ward 14GulabBaghWard OfficerMushtaq Ahmad Bhat (JBI)
Ward 15Ahmad NagarWard OfficerLalit Wali
Ward 16SouraWard OfficerMuhammad Rajab
Ward 17NowsharaWard OfficerBilal Ahmad Baba
Ward 18IddGahWard OfficerAbdul Hamid S/I
Ward 19PalporaWard OfficerMalik Mushtaq Ahmad
Ward 20Jamal LattooWard OfficerHilal Ahmad Malik
Ward 21Pather MasjidWard OfficerHilal Ahmad Malik
Ward 22Karan NagarWard OfficerManzoor Ahmad Khan
Ward 23QamerwariWard OfficerUmerdin Chowhan
Ward 24BeminaWard OfficerAbdul Hamid Hurra
Ward 25ParimporaWard OfficerAbdul Rashid Parray
Ward 26MalooraWard OfficerHaji Abdul Hamid Mir
Ward 27Hamdaniya ColonyWard OfficerMuhammad Altaf Dar
Ward 28BatamalooWard OfficerMuhammad Syed Sheikh
Ward 29MagarmalBaghWard OfficerNissar Ahmad Shah
Ward 30RajbaghWard OfficerShowkat Ahmad Zargar
Ward 31ChanaporaWard OfficerMushtaq Ahmad Sheikh
Ward 32HyderporaWard OfficerShakeel Ahmad Sheikh
Ward 33HumhamaWard OfficerMuhammad Yousuf Wani
Ward 34PanthachowkWard OfficerFehmeeda Akhtar