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Harwan: - South of the village Harwan, on the hillside, one can see some remarkable remains of ancient ornamented tile pavements of the Buddhist era. The tiles depict the dresses of the people of that time, such as loose trousers, Turkoman caps or close fitting turbans and large ear-rings which present the central Asian influence.

Harwan is a small village located 3 km beyond the Shalimar Garden in Srinagar District of Jammu and Kashmir. The village was identified by Sir Aurel Stein with Shadarhadvana (grove of six saints).

Harwan is about 21 km from Srinagar. It is a historic place and many remains of the past have been found during the excavations. The specialty of the Harwan monuments is that they are the only remains of their kind in India (possibly in the world), and that they supply a life-like representation of the features of those mysterious people, the Kushans.

HarwanA large number of broken fingers and toes of terra-cotta figures, and terra-cotta curls belonging to images of Buddha are found from the excavated site. Places of tourist interest are an ancient triple base of a medium-sized stupa and a chapel, Harwan Garden and Harwan Lake. A trout hatchery in the vicinity is worth visiting. Nearest railhead is at Jammu, 300 km away. Regular buses connect Harwan with Srinagar, where the nearest airport is.



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