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Roza Bal is the name of a shrine located in the Khanyar district of Srinagar, in Kashmir, India, venerated by some Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Some people identify the sage buried there with one Yuz Asaf, that is Jesus of Nazareth, whom they allege to have arrived in Kashmir after surviving his crucifixion. The tomb itself consists of a low rectangular building on a raised platform, surrounded by railings at the front. It has three arches at the front, where entry can be had, and four arches at the side. Inside is a rock carving that is said to show feet bearing crucifixion wounds.

The body is buried according to the Jewish tradition of directions and not according to rules of Islam. However, the building also houses the burial tomb of a local Muslim saint, Mir Sayyid Naseeruddin, who has been buried in line with Islamic directions. The tomb had previously been maintained by local descendants of the buried sage. It is currently maintained by a Board of Directors consisting of Sunni Muslims. Sahibzada Basharat Saleem, a former caretaker (now deceased), claimed to hold genealogical tables that link him as a direct descendant of the buried sage.In recent times another man was buried there, who is revered by some local Muslims as a Sufi saint, although others point to historical data that he was only the shrine's long-serving caretaker. Efforts are currently underway to obtain DNA from the tomb to help ascertain the identity and/or eras of the men buried within and the claims for their descendents. In 2007, BBC produced a documentary on the story of Yuz Asaf titled "Did Jesus die?"


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