Sanitation Programme

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation explored the possibility of privatizing the “sanitation” by introducing “Sanitation Club Scheme” for providing facilities in the specified area. Under the scheme each house hold, who would become member of the Club, is required to pay an amount of Rs. 50/- per month as Sanitation fee. The set up of the said club is usually being done in association with the people of the area, where there is shortage of sweeping manpower and who willing come forward and pay monthly charges for sweeping and door to door of garbage collection. The transportation of the garbage of the areas is accordingly being scheduled by the Corporation. In terms of the scheme the amount recovered from the members of the club is itself utilized for engagement of casual labourers. At some places, both in civil as well as down town areas, some people showed their willingness and readiness to become members of Sanitation Clubs and with their cooperation till more than 150 such sanitation clubs have been constituted.

The Corporation provides betterand efficient Sanitation to the citizen of Srinagar City during the festivals, religious occasions and marriage Ceremonies and also on the visit of International/Nation dignitaries.

Effective sanitation measure are being taken on

        1. Mehraj –Ul- alam

        2. Eid-Milad –Un-Nabi (SAW).Effective sanitation on the eve of Idd-u-Zuha and Id-Ul- Fitr

        3. Muharum days – especially in shia vicinities.

        4. Urs- of all the shrines.

        5. Departure and reception of Hajis Sahib

        6. Departure and reception of Amar NathYatra as well as other religious occasions at Gurdwara&Churches.

        7. Visit of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India; Planning Commission of INDIA and other dignitaries.

        8. Programmes/functions organised in Educations Institutions /Universities /S.K.I.C.C etc.

        9. 0n marriage ceremony and other functions of individuals.

        10. Special sanitation drives is also being made in the areas, where observation of insanitation is observed or which have not been attended for one or the other reasonin regular sweeping.

        11. Lifting and transportation of waste (Household/hospital/etc.) from Government Departments, Private/Public & other Sectors including the Hospitals and individuals.

        12. Clearance of septic tank etc.

All such arrangementsare being made on all days including the holidays and Sundays. However, the Clearance of septic tank/Providing of garbage bin/ Lifting of garbage as indicated above at ( 8,9,10,11 & 12) as may bedemanded/requested by any Government /semi-Government Department; private/public sector/ Hospital and individual to the Corporation would be made against the payment to be deposited to Corporation.

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation gets appreciation from the Government and public in general for such exemplary Sanitation being done on the occasions indicated above at ( 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7) and also on regular basis in the city. The Corporation tries its best to come to the expectations of the citizens. Such appreciation is reproduced below: -

In respect of this basic service, the Corporation earnestly seeks the cooperation and involvement of Citizens in general;Prominent Citizens, Scholars, Press & Media & Students in particular for bring togetherawareness on sanitation among the people and guide for building the civic sense for the purposefulto keep the City Clean.

The Corporation further seeks co-operation of the citizens to improvise the delivery system and bring out the standard levels with their caring involvement and participation in resolving the respective problems with the functionaries of the Corporation.

  1. Avoid using polythene

  2. Keep your city polythene free

  3. Do not throw waste into open drains or streets

  4. Deposit wastes only at specified places and dust bins