Solid Waste Management

The most important core function of the Corporation is to provide better and efficient sanitation. It includesWaste collection system. The man & machinery used by the Corporation for the purpose does sweeping and collection of waste/garbage within municipal limits at Ward level under the overall supervision of the Ward Officer in each administrative ward, which comprises of the electrical wards represented by the Councillor. Each Ward Officer is assisted by the Sanitary Inspector and Supervisors for supervision of the processes. The Health Officer, Chief Sanitation Officer and Sanitation officer are supervising the overall workability and planning processes at Central level. The existing strength is not sufficient to cater the requirements for 100% collection of waste on door-to-door basis and sweep the city roads which consist of 174 running K.M. main roads and 860 running K.M. other roads. This shortage obviously affects the overall waste collection and road sweeping performance of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. More than 380 metric tons of refuse and garbage are generated per day in Srinagar City. The Corporation is providing better sanitation and is trying its best to arrive at the public expectations. At present 60% of total waste generated is being collected and this is as per national standards comparing the infrastructure and manpower available with SMC for this purpose. For collection & lifting of the city waste from interiors at ward level, hand cards, radees etc. are being used to collect the waste and take it to a the specific collection points.

As against requirement of 3600 Safai-karamcharies the Srinagar Municipal Corporation is presently having only 2108 Safai-karamcharies, 1765 on regular basis and 343 on consolidated bases.

The process of the transportation of waste from the collection points on daily basis is being looked after and supervised by the transport officers assisted by the full fledged transport yard staff & accordingly, 60% of the waste is being taken to dumping site on daily basis. For collection of the city waste from nock and corner of the Srinagar City which is spread over an area of 279 Sq. K.M., having 575 Temporary Collection Points the existing garbage transportation fleet, which is inadequate, old and unscientific is being used for transportation.

Details of Solid Waste Collection Equipments and Vehicles:

Sr. No

Type of Vehicle

Existing Number

Actually Required


Mini Truck.








Hook Trailer ( transfer station)




1. Refuse Collector

2. Refuse Collector Bins (Kerb side bins).






1. Dumper Placer vehicle.



2. Dumper Bins.








Hand Carts




Wheel Barrows




Containerized handcarts








TATA ACE for door-to-door collection of waste




Road Sweeping Machines




Compactors for dumping site.




Snow clearance Dozer (Mini Dozer compatible to clear snow in lanes and by lanes).



The Srinagar Municipal Corporation has at present only one Dumping Site at SyedporaAchan which comprises of 540 Kanals of land. Where the waste is being spread over and is further being covered with clay and use of disinfects are also being made. The existing Dumping site is being improved and modernized in a scientific Engineered Landfill site through the financial and technical guidance of Asian Development Bank. A detailed action plan/project report on this score has been prepared. In fact some of the works have been taken up for execution by the J&K Economic Reconstruction Agency against the money released by the Asian Development Bank. All the environmental and other related issues will be redressed under the modernization plan. The modernization of existing open dumping site into a scientific Sanitary Landfill site will be taken up for execution by the J&KERA in a couple of months against the estimated cost of Rs. 22.00 Crores that will take care of all the pollutants including that of air quality, ground water quality and aesthetic look and landscaping of the interior of Landfill site as per guidelines of J&K SPCB. Besides this there will be a permanent facility for regular monitoring of these components in future. The following are salient features of proposed modernization of Landfill site:

      1. Construction of new 7m wide access road from Ali John road directly into the Landfill site thus avoiding the congested population of Saidapora village.

      2. Construction of internal roads for free movement of garbage vehicles, shouldering and construction of drains for disposal of storm water.

      3. Landscaping and plantation around the Landfill site (within SMC land) to improve aesthetic view of the site.

      4. Administration offices with sanitation and rest facilities and environmental monitoring facility.

      5. Weighing bridge.

      6. Lined sanitary cell development.

      7. Equipment, workshop and garage building.

      8. Waste transport equipment and washing facilities.

      9. Leachate collection and disposal facilities.

      10. Compound walling around the Landfill site.

Dog Menace in the Srinagar City:

Due to present law and order situation and continuation of Security Bunkers in various parts of the Srinagar City there has been an unprecedented growth in stray dog population in Srinagar City. As a result hundreds of dog bite complaints are being received monthly in and around Srinagar City. During the preceding financial year a number of stray dog eradication programme have been launched in all parts of the Srinagar city and 10,000 stray dogs have been killed. However, SMC intended to launch a massive stray dog eradication programme in the Srinagar City but due to stay of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and intervention of certain NGO’s and animal lovers this programme has been deferred. The matter has been taken up with the Animal Welfare Board, Government of India and in collaboration with NGO’s (SPAC) and Animal Welfare Board a memorandum is being signed to birth control growing number of dogs through sterilization/ vaccination of all stray dogs in Srinagar within a period of two years limit.


The Srinagar Municipal Corporation was maintaining three slaughter houses in the Srinagar City with a capacity of 50 hooks per hour. But out this two slaughter houses have been closed being unhygienic and poor infrastructure facility. Besides these slaughter houses were located in incompatible places in congested areas of the city and lacked basic facilities like water supply, drainage and disposal of waste. Taking an average daily consumption of meat 30-50 Gms per person daily about 4000 sheep/goats daily are slaughtered in the City.

Septic Tank cleaning: Among other major functions, the Corporation provide service for clearance of septic tanks, which is being looked after by the Compost Officer. Who is assisted by the staff for the purpose to supervise and clearance of the septic tanks within the municipal corporation limits.

For the purpose of the clearance of septic tank, besides the usual clearance and look after the Public Lavatory blocks developed by the Corporation for public convenience within the municipal limits, the Compost wing on the request/demand of the following against the receipt of charges towards attending the job of clearance of septic tank provided the services for liquid waste.

Impounding of Stray Animals:

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation catches animals that create traffic nuisance on streets and roads etc. The Corporation is annually impounding hundreds of stray animals in the Srinagar City which are being released subsequently on payment of fine. During the year 2007-08 an amount of Rs. 0.53 Lac have been realized as fine and other charges from the defaulters.

Sophisticated and animal friendly Animal Catching Vehicles are being purchased to improve patrolling and impounding of stray animals in the Srinagar City.